Intensions Exhibition. Istanbul. Group Exhibition. 2021.

As part of the art collaboration Die Dada Welt with visual artist Sila Yalazan, Steen Andersen participated in the group exhibition “INTENTIONS” at Akbank Sanat in Istanbul curated by Gül Demirdag. Die Dada Welt’s contribution to the exhibition is the 4:59 minute video “END TABOO” about how to overcome some of the world’s taboos that are keeping people trapped in destructive patterns of thoughts and actions.


IDEA: Goktug Günal, Sila Yalazan, Steen Andersen
CONCEPT: Sila Yalazan, Steen Andersen
DRAWINGS: Sila Yalazan
STORY & SCRIPT: Steen Andersen
VIDEO & EDIT: Steen Andersen
ASSISTANTS: Simon Lund, Aya Valeria Glob Laurvig




From Intensions Exhibition. Istanbul.


PHOTOS: Akbank Sanat and Acik Diyalog and Sila Yalazan