Steen is a Danish writer, artist, and cultural entrepreneur.

Co-initiator and coordinator of PB43 Publishing, the cultural and entrepreneurial environment PB43, the international summer school “Urban Culture in Theory and Action” with Copenhagen University and Festival for Electronic Music Strøm, Sauna Event Copenhagen, Event Hall Building 5, the urban garden Prags Have and much more.

Editor and author of various non-fiction books and articles about urban culture, entrepreneurship, architecture, and activism. Author of the English doco-fiction serial Just Another Alter Ego. Currently, he is working on a novel about mental transformation, and the poetry collection “From A Shattered Mental Landscape” inspired by his travels around Ukraine in 2021. Writes both in Danish and English.

Steen is trained in urban geography, organizational and developmental psychology, computer art as well as economics, and international marketing.


Urban Projects

  • 2023 Roskilde Festival. Music and art festival. Writer and translator for festival art announcement program. Roskilde, Denmark.
  • 2022 Odden Saunafestival. Sauna festival. Co-founder and coordinator. Sjællands Odde, Denmark.
  • 2015-16 Spektrum Berlin. Audio-visual-tech art space. Assistance and digital platform developer. Berlin.
  • 2015-16 Sauna Event Copenhagen. Sauna events. Co-founder and coordinator. Copenhagen.
  • 2015 Urban Culture in Theory and Action. Co-founder, executing, and teacher at the international summer school with a focus on entrepreneurship, music events, and urban culture. In collaboration with the University of Copenhagen and the Strøm festival for electronic music. Copenhagen.
  • 2013-15 43 Farben. International DJ-concept events. Consultant, concept developer, and volunteer coordinator. Copenhagen.
  • 2012-15 Culture Hall Building 5. Concerts, festivals, exhibition space. For 498 people. Co-founder and project coordinator. Copenhagen.
  • 2011-15 Prags Garden, Co-founder, and project coordinator. Copenhagen.
  • 2010-15 PB43. Cultural and Entrepreneur Platform. Project coordinator. Copenhagen.
  • 2014 Taste The World. Copenhagen diversity festival. Project developer and coordinator. In cooperation with the City of Copenhagen, Copenhagen Cooking and Wonderful Copenhagen.
  • 2013-14 Strøm. Festival for electronic music. Project coordinator and developer, editor and writer of festival development prospect. Copenhagen.
  • 2013 Re-new international media art festival. Project coordinator. Copenhagen.
  • 2012-15 Hamburg-Kopenhagen. Arts, music, and culture exchange project. Project coordinator.
  • 2012 Roskilde Festival. Artistic content to the Dream City area. Project coordinator and Performer.
  • 2010-11 City Talks. Talks and workshops. Co-founder and project coordinator. Copenhagen.



  • 2022 Two short stories. Litteraturtidsskriftet uDkAnt.
  • 2022 With Regards From Ukraine. Blog about the war in Ukraine. Writer.
  • 2020–21 Die Dada Welt. Travel- and art-zine. Writer & Video-Animation Director.
  • 2015–20 Just Another Alter Ego. Series of articles about The Great Dane’s adventures in Berlin. Urbanist Magazine.
  • 2016 Cities, Culture and Sustainability. Book. Contributor: Article & Essay
  • 2014 With The Daily Life As Design Practice. Book. Editor.
  • 2013 Developing Architecture. Learning From Sierra Leone. Book. Editor & Author.
  • 2013 Urban Garden Culture. Heroes Needed. Book. Editor & Author.
  • 2012 Garage Culture. Heroes Needed. Book. Editor & Author.
  • 2012 The Fixe Room That Got Wheels. A Story About Dignity. Book. Editor & Author.
  • 2012 The City Becomes. An Urban Handbook. Book. Editor & Author.
  • 2010–Today Various articles for Weekendavisen (DK), Information (DK), Ama’Røsten (DK), Ingeniøren (DK), ByPlanNyt (DK), Urbanist Magazine (GE)


Art Projects

  • 2021 End Taboo. Video installation. Intensions Exhibition. Akbank Sanat, Istanbul. Group Exhibition.
  • 2020-2021 Die Dada Welt. Travel & Art Zine. Ukraine and Turkey. Editor, writer, and video & sound artist.
  • 2012-14 Silent Lunch. Various food performances. In collaboration with Copenhagen Cooking, LAK Nordic Sound Festival, Copenhagen Municipality, etc.


Awards and nominations

  • 2014 Awarded “Arne Jacobsen Prize 2014” by the Danish Architects’ Association for the book: Developing Architecture. Learning From Sierra Leone. Editor and author.
  • 2012 Nominated “Innovative Project of the Year” by KPH Awards for the book: The City Becomes and for establishing the independent PB43 Publishing. Initiator, editor, and author.
  • 2012 Awarded “Årets Kant / Edge of the Year” by iByen // Politiken. for the project: Prags Have. Urban garden in Copenhagen. Co-founder and coordinator.
  • 2011 Awarded “Volunteer Award” by Copenhagen South Local Council for the project: Prags Have. Urban garden in Copenhagen. Co-founder and coordinator.
  • 2011 Awarded “The Innovation Price of the Year” and “The Audience Award” by KPH Awards for the project: Prags Have. Urban garden in Copenhagen. Co-founder and coordinator.
  • 2011 Nominated “The City of Copenhagen’s Environmental Award” for the project: Prags Have. Urban garden in Copenhagen. Co-founder and coordinator.