Sauna Event

In the end of November 2022 we invited around 80 people to a day with wellness, togetherness, art, litterate, performance and gourmet – all situated in saunas and wilderness tubes on the old harbour at Havnebyen, Sjællands Odde in Zealand. The idea was to expand peoples experiences of what it would say to be in a sauna.

The program was as follows:
Trumpet shower // Gourmet // Quis // Mist // Lectures // Adventurous Stories // Poetry // Sound Mist // Community song …

Food, beer and wine was locally produced and made by local raw materials.

Steen Andersen was together with Petter Brandberg the initiator and coordinator of the Event.

The festival is a collaboration between local partnere to strengthen the use of the sea, nature, the body and social harmony in new ways. The festival is non-profit and any profits go to the next sauna event, other cultural and social activities on Sjællands Odde.

Photos: Maria Dembek // Robin McAulay




Since 2015, Sauna Event has invited to a wonderful winter day in the name of well-being. Sauna Event was a one-day festival for do-it-yourself sauna builders, sauna enthusiasts, gus masters, music lovers and all other Copenhagen citizens who were interested in a joint social and intimate event. At Sauna Event, the guests could relax in communal saunas, experience sauna gus, enjoy the sea view, the starry sky, bathe in warm wilderness tubs and have a cold thrill in the harbor while listening to electronic tones in the winter darkness or experience different sound universes in special selected saunas.

The festival was created through an interdisciplinary collaboration in 2015 between PB43, Danske Naturister and Det Danske Saunaselskab and in 2016 the festival expanded with new partners, including Illutron, Sjællandsgade Badet, festival for electronic music Strøm and Det Runde Bord. In the following years, additional partners joined and in addition to Copenhagen, the festival was also held in Aarhus, the second largest city of Denmark.

Steen Andersen was together with, among others, Iben Elmström, one of the co-initiators and co-coordinators of Sauna Event in 2015 and 2016.

Around 250-300 sauna guests participated each year and the festival was run by a large group of volunteers. The last Sauna Event was held in 2019.

Photos: Maria Dembek // Robin McAulay