Taste the World – Copenhagen’s Diversity Street Party

In 2013 and 2014 Copenhagen’s largest street party Tast the World (Smag Verden) was held on Prags Bouldevard on Amager. A celebration of Copenhagen’s culture and diversity, where you could reach the whole world in one street in one day. It attracted each year between 30.000-40.000 guests who could experience world music, gourmet street kitchen for student budget, street events, art and performances as an urban adventure.

The street festival was organized in a collaboration between the City of Copenhagen, Wonderful Copenhagen, Copenhagen Cooking and PB43.

PB43 were responsible for the main artistic, musical and creative content. Steen Andersen was the PB43 coordinator for the festival, and besides composing a program of contemporary art and performance, he created together with multi artist and organizer Master Fatman a unique international music program with artists from Denmark, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and South America.

Photos: Flora Tosti, David Buchmann, Flemming Bo Jensen, Smag Verden & PB43.
Video: Projekt Land