Silent Lunch

Silent Lunch is an interactive sound and food performance, where the audience is invited to a three-course dinner, eating in silence with hearing protection on, hereby changing the focus of each participant’s senses inward. We have arranged Silence Lunch both in Denmark and internationally at festivals, workshops, and social gatherings with huge success. For some people it has been a wonderful and awakening experience, others have had to leave the performance because it was too extreme for them, yet they saw it as a very unique and positive experience that they would carry with them.   

The concept is a collaboration between project coordinator Steen Andersen and visual artist & vocalist My Lambertsen.

Silent Lunch for 92 people at Copenhagen’s culture and diversity festival ‘Taste the World (Smag Verden)’, 2013:

Silent Lunch for 70 people at the CPH-Hamburg, City Link project:

(Movie by Projektland)

(Photos by Bjørn Fabricius Hansen & Steen Andersen)

The concept had its debut at the nordic sound art festival – LAK, at the working collective PB43, Copenhagen, on the 6-9th of September 2012. For the dinner speech, we invited the Danish poet Morten Søndergaard

(Movie by Projektland)

(Photos by Antonin Lowres)