Marx Chernega

Marx Chernega. Fisherman and sailor from the small city of Vylkove, in the utmost southwest of Ukraine. We met him by chance while trying to find a captain who would take us on a tour around the many channels in the Danube Delta separating Ukraine and Romania. Most people in the south and west of Ukraine speak only Ukrainian and Russian, which is a tongue out of our league, so when Maks came over and began translating between English and Ukrainian we soon had a deal with Alex the Captain. An hour later we sailed out in a small four passengers motor boat Maks translating Alex’s stories and anecdotes about the Danube Delta with its swamp settlers living in self-build sheds and houses without electricity and internet, growing their vegetables, brewing their vine, chicken, and gooses wandering around freely in this unique timeless corner of Ukraine.


Photo: Sila Yalazan
Text: Steen Andersen