Oleg Brovks

Oleg Brovks. 23 years. From Uman in central Ukraine.

We meet Oleg at the Flea Market in Nebesnoi Sotni Street in Uman where he was selling coffee from a small booth. He tries to save money so he can go to the EU and work in either Poland or the Czech Republic. He has calculated that it will cost him around 1.000 Euro for a work visa, travelling expenses, insurance and cost of living until he is proper settled. He don’t want to live in Ukraine and is not interested in Ukrainian girls since he believes many of them is too posh and just want a husband with money that can buy them a house, a car and luxury goods. Instead he dreams of travelling and at some point buy a house somewhere in the EU and find a nice independent girlfriend.


Photo: Sila Yalazan
Text: Steen Andersen




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