Strøm Festival

In 2013 we were hired by the Strøm Festival for electronic music in Copenhagen. They wanted us to redefine the psychical and social space at Enghaveparken in central Copenhagen where the festival’s final party for thousands of ecstatic people would take place with a local and international line-up of DJs and musicians.

Our focus was to find an alternative way to include nature, mobility, and the human body in the festival so the guests could have a more holistic experience. The solution was to use bales of straw from a farm as mobile resting places where the guests could move around and build structures as they pleased. The small garden DJ-stage we choose to decorate with plants of all kinds so that the performing artists were half hidden in nature. For the main stage, we installed specially produced monumental crystalline lamps used in an earlier art project transforming the stage into a mountain landscape of shapes and light. At the park’s large pond, we build a sauna area where people could take off their cloth, enjoy the music, and each other’s company more or less naked in wilderness tubs and self-built mobile saunas.

The project was developed and coordinated by Petter Brandberg, Sigurd Elling, Mads Ellebæk Petersen, and Steen Andersen.

Photos: Bjorn-Fabricius-Hansen // Flemming-Bo-Jensen // Charlene-Winfred